MK Merch range

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banner MK merchMK FOR WEB_0007_ROCK ART copy MK FOR WEB_0008_SWARTKAT copy MK FOR WEB_0002_BOKKIE copy MK FOR WEB_0003_TOKOLOS copy MK FOR WEB_0004_ROBO RIAAN copy MK FOR WEB_0005_JVR copy MK FOR WEB_0006_HUSSE copy MK FOR WEB_0009_ZET HINDU copyMK FOR WEB_0001_HOODIES copy

MK labels for web

Client: MK Musiek Kanaal

Agency: MK merch

Brief: MK Merch is a collaboration between myself, MK, Elma Smit and Yiorgos Spanoudis of the Greek Merchant. A range of designs inspired by music, African and Afrikaans influences on custom made garments for the MK market.

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