As Long As You’re under my roof is the first installment of the magazine project “Suum”( a Latin phrase which translates to “the natural order of the world”).

Suum is a magazine initiative which changes form and design in accordance with its content. Mainly concerned with the issues of linguistics, semiotics, perspective and socio-political change, the first issue can be described as a peak into the lives of South Africa’s current teenage demographic. I asked each of these subjects what they would alter/ erase/ replace in their current upbringing. The testimonies comprised of lists of do’s and don’ts, tales of polarization and sometimes revealing glimpses into homes where physical abuse is an accepted means to invoke fear and obedience. Especially prevailent is the gaping diffence between the middle class children and the children of the poorest of the poor.

Accompanied by portraits directed and designed by the subjects themselves, the first issue of Suum is a vessel which reveals a first generation of post-apartheid youth, their relationship with a past embodied by their guardians, and a haunting selective amnesia.

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