Suum #2 was created under instructions from the Piet Zwart institute as a pre-requisite to application in the form of a sample assignment. As a follow up to Suum #1 : As long as you’re under my roof, Suum #2 the fashion issue follows suit in addressing linguistics, semiotics and politics. Using the medium of a fashion magazine to deconstruct fashion magazines. the Piet Zwart Institute’s instructions read as follows:

“Produce either a written or visual map of a specific medium and social, political and aesthetic systems it forms relationships with.”

In this case I am using the Fashion Magazine as a springboard into the deconstruction of Fashion magazines. Replacing the frivolity of the language often used in these publications with quotes and phrases lifted from academic articles written by philosophers, art and culture theorists and doctors. Also using images lifted from Medical Journals, Pornography and found photographs, Suum #2 reveals the underlying structure of fashion discourse to be nothing short of a moral dilemma.

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