front cover_hanno van zyl_graflit_urban interiors_cciba



I was very excited when I was asked to contribute a comic to 2014’s issue of Graflit. Put together by the CCIBA, Mamba Media, the Youngblood Gallery, Art Farm, Andy Mason, Keda Gomes, Su Opperman and Jean de Wet, Graflit: Urban Interiors was a beautifully curated collection of local comic artists tasked to explore themes on the fluctuating urban frontier that is Cape Town. The individually silk-screened covers were designed by Hanno van Zyl.

I ruminated on the sense of ownership and territory in, like, a totally Cape Town way.







We also had the opportunity to expand our comic worlds into stand-alone artworks for the exhibition where the anthology was launched at the Youngblood gallery. I wanted to create opposing narrative portraits of my lead characters – Maria the Social Justice Warrior, and her nemesis – the cooler-than-thou ice queen, Kim. Inbetween, a city portrait, where I was quite literally playing with palimpsest – just re-writing city elements over each other. I’m a bit of a lefty-feminist, so maybe that comes through too.




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